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Meet the Award-Winning Art at Chemers Gallery

What an extraordinary opening reception for The heART of Orange County All Media 2018 juried exhibition! Several hundred guests packed the house – we were absolutely astounded! With 67 participating … Read More »

Colleen Premer and the Intuitive Nature of Printmaking

Moving through the artistic process intuitively and without conscious thought, Colleen Premer taps into her artistic soul to produce balanced and harmonious compositions. This southern California printmaker is lured by … Read More »

Introducing new artist Diana Stetson 2016

Some know her by her Chinese artist name, “Red Elegance.” Still more know her by Diana Stetston. But whatever name you know her by, we’re sure you’ll agree that Diana’s … Read More »

New Art at Chemers Gallery, February/March 2016

Click the artist’s name or image to see more samples of their work! New ART Diana Stetson New JEWELRY Kozakh Yed Omi New CRAFT Maria Counts Robert Held Susan Horton … Read More »

Chemers Gallery New Art – August 2018

Click the artist’s names or images below to see more work! New ART Mimi Cora John Maxon Patricia Prescott Sueme New CRAFT Maria Counts Robert Held Houston Llew Seeka New … Read More »