Metal Arts Society of Southern California (MASSC) Opposites Jewelry Challenge 2022

We are honored to host the Metal Arts Society of Southern California (MASSC) Opposites Jewelry Challenge of 2022, 23 works by 23 talented artisans. Visit us to see this wearable art in person from September 17th to October 1st! All works are available for purchase.

Marla Anderson

Land & Sea

Sterling & Reticulation Silver, Onyx, Mother Of Pearl, Lab Sapphire, Lab Ruby, Vitreous Enamel


Charlene Aspray

Blue Weevil 


Copper, Brass, Tourmaline, 23k Gold Leaf, Patina, Wax


Korrine Brooks

Delicately Strong 


Sterling Silver, Copper, Thread, Preserved Moss, Base Metal


Teri Brudnak

War & Peace

Steel, Bronze, Sterling Silver, Gold, Dichroic Glass, Glow In The Dark Acrylic, Guitar String


Kathe Dunn

He Or She

Sterling Silver, Nu-Gold, Copper, Larimar, Amethyst, Agate, CZ


Kathleen Fochtman-Gambs

Double Dutch Double Brooch

Young/Old, Movement/Static

Sterling Silver, Copper


Bill Gallagher

Stripes & Spots

Opposite Patterns

Sterling & Fine Silver, Montana Agate, Petrified Wood, Petrified Palm Wood, Mahogany Obsidian, Oolite,
Snowflake Obsidian (lapidary also by artist)


Kiki Gerardo

From Straightaways to Detours 

Sterling and Fine Silver


Nina Gibson

Tortoise & Hare 


Sterling & Fine Silver, Turquoise, Leather


Lorna Herf

Shining Heart Blue In Copper Shield 

Dark and Soft, Bright and Gleaming

Copper, Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia, Steel, Patina


Lori Hooks


El Sol y La Luna


Sterling Silver, Bronze


Virginia Hyatt

Maple Leaf Study #1


Sterling Silver, Enamel Earring Buttons


Barbara Jones

Variations On The Theme Of Starry Nights by Van Gogh


Sterling Silver, Grape Agate


Michal Lemberger


Fine & Sterling Silver, 24k Gold Keum Boo,
Pyrite-Flecked Lapis Lazuli, Leather


Erin Proctor

Watch This, You’ll Learn Something

Impossible/Possible, Earth/Space

Sterling Silver, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel,
Vintage Speaker Fabric, Salina Wonderstone


John Rose

Red Carpet Ring

Style/Substance, Form/Function

Emu Egg, Bronze, Pearls, Artisan-Made Glass, Steel


Rachel Shimpock

Sandwich Food Groups Tea Tray


Copper, Powdercoat, Steel, Prismacolor, Glass Enamel


Jan Van Diver


Black/White, Positive/Negative,
Additive/Subtractive, Matte/Shiny, Silver/Gold, Texture/Smooth

Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Jewelers Bronze, 24k Keum Boo, Copper, Vitreous Enamel



Jean Vormelker

Eclipse Necklace

High/Low, Black/White, Big Little,
Shiny/Matte, Solid/Open

80/20 Reticulation Silver, Sterling Silver Sheet and Wire


Anna Vosburg

Last Minute Deco Pendant

Symmetric/Asymmetric, Round/Square, Flat/Domed

Sterling Silver


Hiro Westdorp



Vitreous Enamel On Copper, Hand Sewn Fabric, Sterling Silver


Freida Woody-Rome


Order/Chaos, Exposed/Obscure

Shibuichi, Sterling Silver, Copper, Moss Agate Druzy,
White Topaz, Stainless Steel Cable


Kay Yee

Squares Vs. Circles

Opposite Rings For Opposing

Blackboard (pre-enameled steel plate), Graphite, Mica,
Sterling Silver, Hematite, Lapis Lazuli


The Metal Arts Society of Southern California (MASSC) Mystery Metals Challenge

Sat. September 17, 2022 – Opening and Artist Reception
5pm – 8pm

Show continues through Saturday, October 1, 2022!

Chemers Gallery is happy to be partnering with the Metal Arts Society of Southern California  (MASSC) for their Mystery Metals Challenge. This members-only event features participants who must create a piece of metal jewelry that fits within the scope of the surprise parameters they are given. The majority of the construction must be made of metal but can be composed of other materials as well such as gemstones and wood.

We are expecting around 25 artists to participate in this first in-person showing since the pandemic began. We are excited to host the event and for the opportunity to show the work of these fine metal artisans.

All works will be available for purchase and refreshments will be provided!


New Art September 2022

Click the artist’s names or images below to see more of their work.


Jason Li

Landscape and Figurative Watercolor

Joyce Lieberman

Fantastical Still Life and Abstract Paintings

Gerald Schwartz


Oil Landscapes

Linda Karagozian


Wildlife Oils







Bill Gallagher

Polished gemstones

Ithil Metalworks

Meditation Rings & more from Israel

Sapharim Ravav

Roman Glass & Mixed Metals from Israel

Michelene Berkey

Nature Inspired Sterling Silver, Gold & Gemstones







Maria Counts

Creative Ceramics

Emily Rosenfeld

Contemporary Mezuot

Houston Llew

"There's always light, if only we're brave enough to see it, if only we're brave enough to be it." -Amanda Gorman

Copper and Enamel Spiritiles

James Minidis


Mixed Media Music Boxes







New Art August 2022

Click the artist’s names or images below to see more of their work.


Steve Kell

Local Landscapes in Oil

Kara Bullock

Contemporary Acrylic Portraiture


Suzanne Currie

Whimsical Watercolors

Wendy Shragg

Mixed Media “Story People”







Ayala Bar

Israeli Jewelry Design

Michelene Berkey 


Nature Inspired Sterling Silver, Gold & Gemstones

Lily Tsay

Asian Inspired Porcelain, Wood, and Pearl Beads

Melanie Brauner

Handmade Paper and Resin
(they are waterproof!)






New Art June 2022

Click the artist’s names or images below to see more of their work.



Bernie Anderson

Spontaneous Oil Expressions

Dori Dewberry

Pastel Landscape

 Jason Li 

Landscape and Figurative Watercolor 

John Maxon

Vibrant Oil Landscape

Carol Heiman-Greene

Still Life in Oil

Mike Tauber

Bold Ceramic Tiles



Colorful Mezuzah

Houston Llew

Copper and Glass Spiritiles

Irina Dorofeeva 

Hand-painted Silk Scarves


Maria Counts

Whimsical Ceramics


Hedda Schnur

Tailored Beadwork

Ayala Bar

Israeli Jewelry Designer


Thank you from the bottom of our heART!

Thank you to our artists and supporters for making this exhibition so full of heART! We are very proud to have such a wonderful community and the opportunity to have this in-person show to celebrate! 

Over 90 pieces of art are now on display at Chemers Gallery from over 70 artists! This year’s juror, Kim VanDerHoek, carefully deliberated when selecting this year’s award winners in three categories: Contemporary Craft, Contemporary, and Traditional. See below the list of Winners, Runner-ups, Honorable Mentions, Best of Show and the “Enderle Choice” awards.

Special thank you to Sharyn Cable from the Enderle Center and TACFA for sponsoring this outstanding local tradition.

Congratulations to all!

To see all works on-line click this link.

Best of Show

Kara Bullock How to Disappear Completely, Mixed Media


Enderle Center Awards

Enderle Center Special Award:

Jason Li Whitewater Butterfly, Watercolor

Honorable Mention:

Kathryn Wilson Desert Spring, Ceramic

Honorable Mention:

Prerana Kulkarni Colorful Succulent, Watercolor


Contemporary Craft

First Place:

Monique Berman Selwitz Lotus Bud Necklace, Labradorite, Kyanite, London Blue Topaz & Sterling Silver

Second Place:

Michael Evans Segmented Wood Vase Cherry, Bloodwood, Yellow Heart & Ebony

Third Place:

Irina Dorofeeva Fantasy Woodland, Silk Painting

Honorable Mention:

James Minidis Cherish, Vintage Book Music Box

Honorable Mention:

Erin Demotte Kaleidoscope, Beaded Cane

Honorable Mention:

Nohline L’Ecuyer Triangle Earrings, Peridot, Citrine & Sterling Silver



First Place:

Marie Tippets Louisville Slugger, Soft Pastel

Second Place:

Jason Li To the Beach, Watercolor

Third Place:

Echo Baker My Tulips, Oil

Honorable Mention:

Lisa Mistuik Gleaning, Oil

Honorable Mention:

Teri Starkweather Floating in Light, Watercolor

Honorable Mention:

Brad Neal Gathering in Arles, Provence, Watercolor, gouache & ink



First Place:

Lynn Welker Water’s Edge, Mixed Media

Second Place:

Kimberly Altman Ice Flower, Acrylic

Third Place:

Lisa Mullin Swallowtail Wing Abstract, Mosaic

Honorable Mention:

Diana Mulder Captive of the Sea, Mixed Media

Honorable Mention:

Nick Capaci Glass Scape, Fused Glass

Honorable Mention:

Ted Rigoni Repose, Photograph


We are already looking forward to what wonderful works will be submitted next year!

The heART of OC Artist Demos- May 28th 12pm-4pm

Art in Action!

See art in action with artist demos! Join us and 23+ artists from The 2022 heART of Orange County All Media Juried Exhibition as they share their magic creating with oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, clay, beading and more!

The heARTistry happens on Saturday, May 28th from 12pm – 4pm at Chemers Gallery.

Connect with your favorite artists and see the unique techniques that result in the works you love.

What a wonderful way to celebrate the finale of our juried exhibition!

23 artists confirmed so far!

• Echo Baker – Oil • Kara Bullock – Mixed Media • Denise Busony – Oil •
• Sara Ciavarella – Oil • Kevin Davidson – Oil • Dori Dewberry – Soft Pastel •
• Irina Dorofeeva – Silk Painting • Amanda Fish – Oil • Nancy Gunther – Mixed Media •
• Carol Heiman-Greene – Oil • Jeanette Jensen – Watercolor • Linda Karagozian – Oil •
• Prerana Kulkarni – Watercolor • Jason Li – Watercolor •
James Minidis – Vintage Books & Mixed Media • Lisa Mistiuk – Oil •
Ian Montelongo – Acrylic • Nadalena Radis-Cobbs – Oil • Pete Roberts – Watercolor •
Hedda Schnur – Beadwork Patricia Prescott Sueme – Soft Pastel •
• Ashley Tallichet – Ceramic • Mike Tauber – Ceramic Glazing •


The heART of Orange County All Media 2022, Juried Exhibition

Save The Date!

The wait is over! We are pleased to announce the artists featured in the 10th annual heART of Orange County All Media Juried Exhibition. With over 70 Orange County Artists & more than 90 works of art we will be celebrating the diverse creativity of our community.

The excitement begins Saturday, May 14th, 11am-4pm and continues through May 28th.

Our juried exhibition is unique and varied consisting of all subjects and styles in a wide range of mediums. Expect the unexpected in 2D works in oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, jewelry, photography, wood, ceramics, glass, textiles, mixed media, sculptures, wearables and more!

This year’s juror is award-winning fine artist and educator Kim VanDerHoek. As always we are proud to be partnering with the Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts to bring you this event. Now in its 27th year, TACFA’s mission is to develop, showcase & support the arts in the greater Tustin Area.

Mark your calendars, stay tuned and join our Facebook event page for updates!

The juried artists are: Kimberly Altman, Echo Baker, Steve Bjorkman, Debbie Borusky, Gobind Boyes, Kara Bullock, Denise Busony, Nick Capaci, Dave Chapple, Jean Choi, Sarah Ciavarella, Thomas Damgaard, Kevin Davidson, Erin Demotte, Mika Denny, Dori Dewberry, Irina Dorofeeva, Michael Evans, Amanda Fish, Nancy Goldman, Nancy Gunther, Ray Hart, Carol Heiman-Greene, Susan Hoehn, April Hoskins, Jeanette Jensen, Linda Karagozian, Steve Kell, Prerana Kulkarni, Nohlene L’Ecuyer, David Lang, Julie Leah, Joe Lee, Cami Levin, Jason Li, James Minidis, Lisa Mistiuk, Ian Montelongo, Diana Mulder, Lisa Mullin, Karen Neal, Brad Neal, Erich Neubert, Charlene O’Hehir, Arpad Petrass, Tony Podue, Patricia Prescott Sueme, Alisa Proctor, Nadalena Radis-Cobbs, Eric Estuar Reys, Ted Rigoni, Pete Roberts, Linda Rogers, Robin Rogers Cloud, Ziba Safavian, Janine Salzman, Deanna Sanches da Silva, John Sawyer, Hedda Schnur, Ryan Schroeder, Monique Berman Selwitz, Janet Seward, Naomi Shachar, Teresa Shippy, Teri Starkweather, Ashley Tallichet, Mike Tauber, Marie Tippets, Taffy Van Calcar, Lynn Welker, Kathryn Wilson.


New Art April & May 2022

Click the artist’s names or images below to see more of their work.



John Sawyer

Landscape Oils


Jon Lundstrom

Architecturally Inspired Ceramic

Maria Counts

Whimsical Ceramics

Jerry Sawitz

Crystalline Glazed Ceramics

Tanner Sawitz

Miniature Hand-Thrown Crystalline Ceramics

Lisa Mertins

Whimsical Porcelain

Maruca Design

Handmade in Boulder, CO


Ceci Rincon


Colorful Geometric Enamel

Melanie Brauner

Handmade Paper and Resin
(they are waterproof!)

Lily Tsay

Asian Inspired Porcelain, Wood, and Pearl Beads

Sapharim Rahav

Roman Glass and Sterling Silver

Yed Omi

Elegant Sterling Silver

Ayala Bar

Israeli Jewelry Designer