Celebrating Women in Art! — Part 6 Kim VanDerHoek

Celebrating Women in Art! — Part 6  Kim VanDerHoek
by Hanna Zorilla

Kim VanDerHoek

Kim VanDerHoek is a contemporary artist that brings her signature expressive style to every oil painting she creates. Her award winning pieces, and skill as an instructor have made her sought after by collectors and recognized in the community. What’s more? We are so excited to have her as this year’s juror for The heART of Orange County All Media 2022 Juried Exhibition.

How did you discover your love of painting?

My mom and I spent many hours creating different projects sitting together at the kitchen table when I was a kid. That started my love of creating which continued in my high school art classes. After college I took plein air painting classes which started me on this career path.

After receiving a lot of critical acclaim, how has this affected your life and artwork?

It’s helped build name recognition, which has brought new opportunities my way like being invited to participate in national exhibitions. It’s also increased the interest in my work with collectors and galleries

How do you know when an artwork is done, do you ever have to force yourself to stop?

When I’m nearing the end and I’m adding finishing details, if I put in five details and the painting isn’t improving, then it’s time to stop.

How do you determine success? 

In several different ways, being able to travel and paint, having a flexible schedule where I get to spend time with my kids, having friendships with other artists and collectors, and being able to make a living doing what I love.

Your works have become more abstract over the years, what was that progression like?

It was definitely a conscious decision. I’ve always had a passion for artwork that combines realism and abstraction. When I started plein air painting it was to build a foundation of skills in realism but ultimately I wanted to achieve a hybrid look.

In terms of technique, I spent several years seeking out influences that were not in the landscape genre. Finding inspiration in the work of figurative artists who combined realism with abstraction, I experimented with implementing similar methods in my landscapes. It took time to figure out what worked, but it taught me the value of continued experimentation.

What advice would you give to young female artists?

I would say that you’re better than you believe you are and your artwork has more value than you think. You have to be extremely tenacious to make it in this business.

Chemers Gallery has represented Kim VanDerHoek for 9 years. It has been exciting to witness the evolution of her painting style and critical success. To see more of Kim’s work click this link to our website.

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