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Save the Date! The 2021 Holiday Artisan Faire is jingling on its way!

Click the artisans’ name for some of their handicraft!

Michelene Berkey  |  Krista Bermeo Joanna Craft  Deanna Deeds
Mary Hammond | Beth Marx | Lisa Mertins  |  Elizabeth Nadler
 Monique Berman Selwitz  |  Janet Seward  | Jerry Sawitz |
Karen Nan Jonathan Weaver

Gourmet goodies from
Nuvo Olive Oil  |  Harris Family Apiaries Collery Cookie Company

Join us! On Saturday, December 4th and Sunday, December 5th, 12pm-5pm for our 8th Annual Holiday Artisan Faire featuring handcrafted jewelry, wearable fiber, ceramics, turned wood, glass and gourmet treats from 15 artisans. Make a purchase and win a raffle prize from drawings held throughout the weekend.

Holiday gifts galore, all handcrafted… no supply chain shortages here! Discover jewelry in sterling silver, gold, mixed metals, crystal and precious & semi-precious gemstones from jewelry designers Joanna Craft, Michelene Berkey, Krista Bermeo, Elizabeth Nadler, Monique Berman Selwitz, and Janet Seward. Delight in wearable fiber such as scarves, shawls, purses, hats, household soft goods and more from Deanna Deeds, Mary Hammond and Beth Marx. Enjoy contemporary ceramics with a twist from Lisa Mertins. Adore unique hand-turned wood bowls from Jonathan Weaver and glass creations from Karen Varela.

In the tent, we are happy to welcome back Nuvo Olive Oil for a tasty selection of olive oils & balsamic vinegars and Harris Family Apiaries best ever local honey. Introducing, the delicious baked treats of Collery Cookie Company. All enticing for your holiday table and hostess gifts.


Thank you from the bottom of our heART!

Thank you to our artists and supporters for making this exhibition so full of heART! We are so proud to have such a wonderful community and the opportunity to have this in person show to celebrate, masks and all! Stay tuned for photos from the opening exhibition.

Over 90 pieces of art are now on display at Chemers Gallery from over 60 artists! This year’s juror Stephen Anderson, had so many talented artists to choose from when selecting this year’s winners in three categories Contemporary Craft, Contemporary, and Traditional. See below the list of Winners, Runner-ups, Honorable Mentions, Best of Show and the “Enderle Choice” award.

Special thank you to Sharyn Cable from the Enderle Center and TACFA for sponsoring this outstanding local tradition.

Congratulations to all!

To see all works on-line click this link.

Best of Show:







Kara Bullock- Silvery Sometimes, oil

Enderle Center Awards

Enderle Center Choice Award:








Marie Tippets- Carnevale, pastel

2nd Place:






Jason Li- Sunset Lake, watercolor

Honorable Mention:








Amanda Napoli-  Iris Geometry, 3-d print & laser engraving

Contemporary Craft

First Place:







James Minidis- Hummingbird Meets Flower, mixed media music box

Second Place:







Monique Selwitz- Persian Garden Cuff, sterling silver, gold & gemstones

Third Place:







Teresa Shippy- Circus Bike, fiber arts

Honorable Mention:







Nohline L’Ecuyer- Untitled, Hand Blown Glass 

Honorable Mention:








Julie Leah- Infinite Possibilities, hand painted silk scarf

Honorable Mention:







Ashley Tallichet- Colored Clay Teapot

Honorable Mention:








Elena Rodriguez Vieiro- Margarita,ceramic sculpture


First Place:






John Sawyer – Peaceful Shadows, oil

Second Place:







Ziba Safavian- Persian Garden, watercolor & gouache

Third Place:







Carol Heiman-Greene Pussy Willows, Mourning Dove, oil

Honorable Mention:




Sarah Ciavarella- Retired on Route 66, oil

Honorable Mention:







Patricia Prescott Sueme- Peter’s Canyon Bloom, Pastel

Honorable Mention:





Dori Dewberry – Lazy Day, Back Bay – Pastel

Honorable Mention:







Kevin Davidson- Social Distancing on the Orange Plaza, watercolor


First Place:







Ryan Schroeder – Plan, watercolor

Second Place:







Kim VanDerHoek- Going Places, oil

Third Place:







Amy Hay- Walk The Land, printmaking

Honorable Mention:








Steve Bjorkman- Practice Practice Practice, watercolor

Honorable Mention:








Cynthia Grilli – Lippy, oil

Honorable Mention:





Lynk Collective: Eisabeth Beck, Alexandra Chiara, Andre Comtois, Bill Jaros, Marelyn Larios, Nguyen Ly, Bill Myers – Bug Pressed, printmaking

Honorable Mention:








Lynn Welker- Finding Turquoise, mixed media

It’s hard to imagine a better show next year…but we are planning!

Save the Date! 2020 Holiday Artisan Faire is ON!!

Click the artisans’ name to some of their handicraft!

Michelene Berkey  |  Krista Bermeo  Suzanne Currie
Joanna Craft  Deanna Deeds  |  Beth Marx
Lisa Mertins  |  Betty Nadler  |  Monique Selwitz
Janet Seward  |  Karen Varela Jonathan Weaver
Luisa Chocolatiere

On Saturday, December 5th and Sunday, December 6th, 12pm-5pm Chemers Gallery in Tustin’s Enderle Center will present their 7th Annual Holiday Artisan Faire featuring handcrafted jewelry, wearable fiber, ceramics, turned wood, glass and gourmet treats from 13 artisans. Make a purchase and win a raffle prize from drawings held throughout the weekend.

Entry to the gallery will be traffic controlled each day to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among patrons, staff, and artisans. Social distancing enforced and masks are mandatory for entry.

Artisans will have a vast array of one-of-a-kind items to peruse and purchase. Discover jewelry in sterling silver, gold, resin, mixed metals, crystal and precious & semi-precious gemstones from jewelry designers Joanna Craft, Michelene Berkey, Krista Bermeo, Elizabeth Nadler, Monique Berman Selwitz, Janet Seward, and Suzanne Currie. Delight in wearable fiber scarves, shawls, household soft goods and more from Deanna Deeds and Beth Marx. Enjoy contemporary ceramics with a twist from Lisa Mertins. Adore unique hand turned wood bowls from Jonathan Weaver and glass creations from artisan Karen Varela.

We are happy to welcome back Luisa Chocolatiere with her wonderful handcrafted chocolates. Check out our gourmet corner for a tasty selection of olive oils, balsamic vinegars from Nuvo Olive Oil, artisan roast coffee from Stache Coffee and local honey produced by Harris Family Apiaries.

Since 1978, Chemers Gallery has been providing fine art and quality custom framing in Orange County. The gallery hosts several shows each year and continually exhibits the work of exceptional artists, both local and international.

New Art August & September 2020

Click the artist’s names or images below to see more of their work.


Pete Roberts

Expressive & Bright Watercolor

Kim Vanderhoek

Urban & Landscape Oil


Amanda Fish

Traditional & Vibrant Still Life Oil

Greg Larock

Serene Costal & Suburban Oil

Jason Li

Pastoral & Figurative Watercolor

Marie Tippets

Intricate & Rich Pastel Still Life


Maruca Design

Handmade in Boulder, Colorado With Eye Catching Patterns

Maria Counts

Dreamy & Imaginative Ceramics

James Minidis

Charming Vintage Inspired Music Boxes

Naomi Shachar

Organic Nature Inspired Ceramics




Krista Bermeo

Playful Lampwork Glass

Joanna Craft

Organic Gemstone, Sterling Silver, & Enamel

Sapharim Rahav

Sterling Silver & Roman Glass from Israel

Ithil Metalworks

Sterling Silver & Gold design from Israel

Yed Omi

Delicate Rose Gold, Yellow Gold & Sterling Silver

Monique Selwitz

Signature Designs in Sterling Silver, Gold & Gemstone


Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Repurposed and Salvaged Items

Chemers Gallery is proud to be featured in this article which was originally published on Redfin.

As we prepare for winter and spend more and more time indoors, many of us will look to the interwebs for fun ways to spruce up our interiors. That being said, not everyone has the resources to launch a full-scale renovation. The good news is that you don’t need to. In fact, the perfect centerpiece for your family room could be collecting dust in the garage right now. A unique piece of art to fill the gap above your fireplace could be in the corner of your storage closet, or even sitting on the curb ready to be discarded as garbage. Whether it’s an old bicycle wheel, an unused picture frame, or your great grandmother’s lamp, repurposed and upcycled items can be transformed into unique, iconic decor for your home. We’ve rounded up experts from Springdale to Duluth to help show you how.

Take a moment to observe your surroundings

Think before you throw. Take a look at the world around you and you will see something, most things that can be repurposed for the greater good. Utilizing an excessive amount of one item in a repetitive manner allows for the eye’s perception to change. – Minarc Living

New doesn’t always mean better

Upcycling items in our clients’ homes is always something that we try to do to help our clients save money! From repurposing old or unused books into styling a shelf, coffee table or open storage to turning an old TV Console or shelf into a bench with storage below. From turning an old car tire into a chic outdoor ottoman using a rope to repainting existing vanities and kitchen cabinets and changing out the hardware and countertops can really make a space feel brand new. Saving a few dollars for our clients really goes a long way not only for them but also for the overall design which can sometimes add value to your space. Everything does not always have to be new but simply using a bit of imagination, an old item can become such a beautiful focal point and usually gives our clients a bit of pride knowing that second life has been breathed into an item they already own. – Island Home Interiors

Photo courtesy of Sana Shaw Art

If you enjoy spending the weekend with your friends over a bottle of wine, don’t rush to throw away wine bottles! They can be useful for you as a unique decoration for your home. You can make your bottles amazing and extraordinary with the help of special molds and self-hardening clay! This is one of the most spectacular options for decorating bottles, vases, etc. You can see examples in my photo. Get inspired by them and start your project soon! – Sana Shaw Art

Repurpose vintage and rustic finds

Looking for a unique headboard for your bedroom? Stephanie loves repurposing vintage doors or room divider screens to create a focal point on the bed wall. Hang a vintage door horizontally behind your bed for a novel headboard look. Looking for more customization? Distress the door with sandpaper for a rustic touch, or paint the door a solid color in line with your color theme. In her own home, Stephanie placed a woven screen divider flat against the wall behind her bed, to create an eye catching headboard with tons of natural texture. – Heritage School of Interior Design

We love repurposing vintage and rustic finds to create unique art! Pictured below, we got the opportunity to reuse a windmill to create a focal point for this farmhouse living room. – Lambert Home

Photo courtesy of Lambert Home

Why spend the extra money on new furniture when you can salvage the old bar cart you’ve stored away in your garage? Dust it off and let’s polish that diamond in the rough!  This multipurpose, modular piece just needs a fresh coat of paint and accessories to feel current. Help your guest room, welcome friends and family, with a delicious coffee bar or you can surprise your husband with a mobile whiskey and cigar stand! Your kids will love having all their supplies at their fingertips with an at-home study station. You also have a movable focal point with a live plant cart to freshen your interior air as well as decor. Add some baskets and create a mobile diaper changing station to keep essentials close in a cute and clever way for quick changes. We love multipurpose, modular pieces that do the heavy lifting in a home! – Indigo Interiors

I love to use wood guilt fragments: broken or separated small pieces from vintage or antique mirrors, frames or panels. The delicately carved wood can crown your favorite art piece, punctuate a gallery wall or be added to an otherwise ordinary headboard. Fragments are rarely symmetrical and often with inconsistent finish although I see tremendous decorative value in them. They are like structural abstract! – Masseria Chic

Have you ever been driving along and saw a hubcap? Turn one into a clock with all-purpose paint, jewels (if you want to get fancy) or you can even use stencils to create a unique design made by you. Another great idea is to turn those t-shirts you may have collected from different concerts or vacations into a quilt or blanket. Now all your memories are in one place and can provide warmth for you on a Fall evening! – Heights Arts

Keep it in frame

Repurposing and restyling your wall décor can instantly refresh your space.  Breathe new life into an old mirror by framing it and making it a statement piece on your wall.  Old frames can also be repurposed in a variety of unique ways, from framing succulents and plants, chalkboards, or collages to transforming them into decorative trays.  Even reframing a piece of artwork that you already have hanging at home can reinvigorate your walls! – Third & Wall

At Chemers Gallery we know framing. What’s in a frame? Well, imagine a photo of you and your friend at your favorite concert framed alongside the tickets, or your great grandmother’s sewing scissors displayed in a majestic shadow box, or even the cutest antique handkerchief in a colorful frame to highlight the stitching. Not into knick-knacks but have updated your decor? Spruce up your art with a refreshed mat or frame choice. Whether you have an unusual, sentimental, or collectible object that needs its own spotlight or you’d like to freshen your decor with artwork, Chemers Gallery is experienced and up for the challenge! –  Chemers Gallery

Photos courtesy of Chemers Gallery

Need something new for your wall? Salvage an old artwork: Take canvas painting or print and cut/divide into sections and frame each. You can create a new look by cropping a painting/print and re-framing. You can also create a “larger” piece by taking an artwork/print by doing this. You can also take a small canvas artwork or print, scan it and have it printed on a larger canvas or paper and then frame it. (Shown is painting 30” x 40” that has been cropped and reframed creating a new version | Small canvas artwork, scanned, cropped and printed at a larger size). – Abstract Art 

Photo courtesy of Abstract Art

Bring life to those special pieces

It’s a great idea to repurpose special pieces when designing a space.  When repurposing furniture by painting and reupholstering,  the client is able to keep the pieces that are special to them, while giving them a fresh new look that works well with the overall design.  Attached are a couple of examples of how we gave new life to our client’s most treasured pieces. – Pineapples Design Group

Oh, the versatility of mason jars

Whether you need a super cute storage container, a homemade candle holder, or an adorable place to plant your succulents…Mason Jars are my go-to items to use in my home decor projects. You’ll find them all over my home and office. BONUS TIP: you can paint them too or add a chalkboard label for an added touch! – Jen Peterson Photography

Don’t be afraid to move things around

When looking at your home and considering a fresh new aesthetic, give yourself permission to move larger furnishings from room to room. Just because the “dining room hutch” sounds like it should house your favorite dishes and remain in your dining space, doesn’t mean it can’t be repurposed to your den, home office or study and look just as beautiful serving as a library filled with books. Get creative with your larger furniture pieces and see them as items that have multiple uses to support your lifestyle. – Kerrie Kelly Design

Make use of old boxes as seasonal decor!

What are you going to do with ALL those moving boxes leftover after you move? I have an idea, for at least ten of them! Leave the boxes empty and wrap them up in some gorgeous Christmas wrapping paper and finish with festive ribbon.  Now you always have Christmas presents ready to go to display underneath your Christmas tree and shhh…nobody will ever know that they are empty! 😉 After the season is over, store them in a few large garbage bags and you can reuse them year after year! XO Glam Girl. – Modern Farmhouse Glam

Originally published on Redfin

Thank you to everyone!

With our whole heART, we thank you! We were honored to host our first virtual Artist Awards Ceremony for The heArt of Orange County All Media 2020 Juried Exhibition. We are thankful for the community support  dedication of all of the talented local artists in our show.

Over 90 pieces of art are now on display at Chemers Gallery from over 60 artists! With careful deliberation, juror Naomi Shachar selected her prize-winners in three categories” Contemporary Craft, Contemporary, and Traditional. See below the list of Winners, Runner-ups, Honorable Mentions, Best of Show and the “Enderle Choice” award. Special thank you to Sharyn Cable from the Enderle Center and TACFA for sponsoring this outstanding local tradition.

Congratulations to all!

To see all works on-line click this link.

Best of Show:

Kim VanDerHoek, “Land of Milk & Honey”  (oil)

Enderle Center Awards

Enderle Center Choice Award:

Teresa Shippy, “Diego’s Letters” (fiber)

Honorable Mention:

Marie Tippets, “Celebrating Cherry Blossoms” (pastel)

Contemporary Craft

First Place:

Michael Evans, “Walnut Natural Edge Bowl” (wood)

Second Place:

Monique Selwitz, “Labradorite & Sterling Necklace”

Third Place:

James Minidis, “Still Flying” (music box)

Honorable Mention:

Christine Head, “Full Tilt” (fused glass)

Honorable Mention:

Andrew Matsev, “Mahogany & Resin Plate” (wood)


First Place:

Denise Tabari, “Beneath the Canopy” (oil)

Second Place:

Jason Li, “Whitewater” (watercolor)

Third Place:

Maaria Kader, “Let Me Out” (scratchboard)

Honorable Mention:

Amanda Fish, “Mandarins with Asian Vase” (oil)

Honorable Mention:

John Sawyer, “The Peaceful Morning” (oil)

Honorable Mention:

Dave Chapple, “Spring Vista” (oil)

Honorable Mention:

Sarah Ciavarella, “Ticket to Ride” (oil)


First Place:

Arpad Petrass, “Gentle Giant”  (photography)

Second Place:

Kara Bullock, “And so it Goes” (oil)

Third Place:

Taffy Van Calcar, “Nature’s Salad” (oil)

Honorable Mention:

Nick Capaci, “Reflective Whispers” (mixed media on panel)

Honorable Mention:

Ellen Kirwan, “Reaching High” (oil & cold wax)

Honorable Mention:

Ryan McGarrity, “Side Street Streams” (photography)

It’s hard to imagine a better show next year…but we are planning!

The show is ON!

It’s actually happening! In-person & online The heArt of Orange County All Media 2020 Juried Exhibition is almost here….

Opening on August 15th, 11a-4p
Show continues through August 29th

Face masks and social distancing required!

Artist Reception & Awards Ceremony: Friday, August 14th 4-5p on Facebook Live!

Show Hours:
Mon-Fri 11a-4p
Sat 11a-3p
Contact for appointments outside of these hours

For more information and to tell us you’re coming visit our Facebook event: The heArt of Orange County All Media 2020 Juried Exhibition

The heART of Orange County All Media 2020, Juried Exhibition

We are so thankful for the support shown by Orange County artists & collectors in these unprecedented times. Despite everything that is happening in the world, we’ve had just as many artists submit to The heArt of Orange County All Media 2020 Juried Exhibition this year as last year. We are excited to welcome over 60 Orange County artists & more than 90 works of art.

Our juried exhibition is uniquely formatted; consisting of all styles, subjects & media. The works include 2-D wall art, contemporary craft & wearables. This diverse showing of Orange County artists draws attention to the wide range of creative talent in our community.

This year’s juror is Fine Art artist, Naomi Shachar. Born in Israel, Naomi was an interior designer and high-end ceramicist before moving to Mission Viejo where she spent many years honing her artistic skills. She is an artist member of the California Art Club and a Signature Artist of both Oil Painters of America and Women Artists of the West. Her skills and her sharp eye for detail and composition make her a qualified juror for The heArt of Orange County All Media 2020.

The juried artists are . . .
Kirsten Anderson, Echo Baker, Chris Baldassarre, Steve Bjorkman, Tom Borusky, Dawn Buckingham, Kara Bullock, Laura Campos, Nick Capaci, Dave Chapple, Sara Ciavarella, Dana Cooper, Melanie Cooper, William Crawley, Suzanne Currie, Toni Danchik, Kevin Davidson, Dori Dewberry, Michael Evans, Amanda Fish, Princess Geisinger, Robert Graupensperger, Deborah Harold, Bill Haskell, Christine Head, Carol Heiman-Greene, April Hoskins, Mark Hosmer, Mariana Ivanova, Sharon Jackman, Claire Jacobson, Maaria Kader, Steve Kell, Ellen Kirwan, Kat Krueger, Prerana Kulkarni, Greg LaRock, Julie Leah, Jason Li, Andrew Maltsev, Ryan McGarrity, Claire Miller, James Minidis, Shelby Montelongo, Ian Montelongo, Arpad Petrass, Patricia Prescott Sueme, Shirley Price-McGrew,  Jason Roberts, Pete Roberts, Laura Roberts, Janine Salzman, John Sawyer, Monique Selwitz, Teresa Shippy, Kathleen Strukoff, Denise Tabari, Marie Tippets, Charles Uehara, Taffy Van Calcar, Kim VanDerHoek, and Lynn Welker.

Click this link to our Facebook events page for more up-to-date information.

This will be our 8th year partnering with Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts (TACFA), to bring you this iconic annual juried exhibition. Now in its 25th year, TACFA’s mission is to develop, showcase & support the arts in the greater Tustin Area. 


Arts in Focus: Art Exhibition

 July 8th-August 8th
Mon-Fri 11am-4pm          Sat 11am-3pm

Chemers Gallery presents a unique opportunity for you to view, in-person, the works of nine well-known local artists. Please join us as we celebrate an art invitational Arts in Focus! 

Masks are required for entry. Social distancing and sanitizing for both your health and ours!

With many exhibitions & festivals cancelled across the country, Chemers Gallery and these local artists are doing their part to keep the arts alive! Support the arts at this in-person & online exhibition.  

Can’t wait to see yours? Just click this ARTS IN FOCUS link to view the entire show or select an individual artists name below:
Nick Capaci     Joanna Craft

Greg LaRock     Jonde Northcutt
Janine Salzman    Patricia Prescott Sueme
Marie Tippets     Kim VanDerHoek     Lilia Venier

All works will be available for purchase.

PLUS…Meet us on Facebook for our live event!
1pm on Sat, July 11th

For one-on-one meetings with the artists or private viewing please call 714-741-5432.



Arts In Focus

Don’t let a pandemic keep you from buying art!

From July 8th to August 8th Chemers Gallery will be hosting an exhibition featuring our favorite artists: Patricia Prescott Sueme, Nick Capaci, Jonde Northcutt, Greg Larock, Marie Tippets, Kim Vanderheok, and Janine Salzman with ceramicist Lilia Venier and jewelry designer Joanna Craft.

With the interest of keeping our artists, clients, and staff safe, we will be formatting this show differently than we’ve had in the past. While all the hanging art will be featured on the walls, as is our custom, we will be limiting the amount of people in the gallery for the Opening Reception and the duration of the show.

Phoning ahead will be a requirement.

Masks will be mandatory for ALL. 

On [insert date] we will have our Opening Reception. To limit the number of people in the gallery at any given time, we will be assigning time slots based on appointments.  Each will only have a time limit for browsing the art. We have decided to format our reception in this way to let as many people see the art as they can and to control the amount of traffic in the gallery.  

Time slots will be limited.

All art featured at Chemers Gallery during this time will be available for browsing & purchase online. We will be creating a separate browsing engine for this show for easy navigation.