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The Amazing Ayala Bar!

Ayala Bar Fall Winter 2015

In typical dramatic flair, Ayala Bar has unveiled her newest line of limited edition necklaces, earrings and bracelets and we couldn’t be ore excited! Every 6 months, we anxiously await the change of the seasons to see what this talented Israeli designer has created. The Fall/Winter collection is here and wow, it’s a stunner!

Ayala began creating what would become her signature jewelry style in the 1980’s. Although she studied art, her education didn’t include metalsmithing or jewelry design. Instead she taught herself the art of “matchmaking” and began creating wearable collages that were reminiscent of Byzantine mosaics. As time went on, Ayala’s style evolved to incorporate seasonal colors and fashion influences.

Still Waters necklace by Ayala Bar

Still Waters necklace by Ayala Bar

The artist’s primary source of inspiration stems from the unorthodox materials she uses. Ayala is a pro at using unexpected materials and pairing them in unique ways! Everything from beads, mineral stones and crushed glass to fall leaves, wood and fabrics from around the world finds a home in her glimmering, shimmering creations.

Ocean Blue bracelet by Ayala Bar

Ocean Blue bracelet by Ayala Bar

Colors this season capture the playful rays of late summer sun, the shift and shortening of days into autumn and the richness and glitz of early winter. Teal pairs effortlessly with turquoise and purple in the Aqua collection. Rich bronze, plum and gold shimmer together in the Ocean Blue color way. Motifs of flowers, leaves and pure pattern feature under cut glass and merge with Ayala’s other materials to tell a complete story. And who could forget her newer style of delicate silver filigree paired with just a hint of color? We are in L-O-V-E!

Run, don’t walk, into Chemers Gallery to view these stunning new creations in person! We promise, you won’t be disappointed!




New Art at Chemers Gallery, October 2015

Nov. 16 – We’re so busy right now that we haven’t had a chance to update all of our new art since our last post! Come in to see the latest art, jewelry and craft in person! 

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Ayala Bar
Ayala Bar Winter 2015 Collection
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