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Arts in Focus: Art Exhibition

 July 8th-August 8th
Mon-Fri 11am-4pm          Sat 11am-3pm

Chemers Gallery presents a unique opportunity for you to view, in-person, the works of nine well-known local artists. Please join us as we celebrate an art invitational Arts in Focus! 

Masks are required for entry. Social distancing and sanitizing for both your health and ours!

With many exhibitions & festivals cancelled across the country, Chemers Gallery and these local artists are doing their part to keep the arts alive! Support the arts at this in-person exhibition. You will also be able to view this show online. 

Nick Capaci     Joanna Craft
Greg LaRock     Jonde Northcutt
Janine Salzman    Patricia Prescott Sueme
Marie Tippets     Kim Van Der Hoek     Lilia Venier

All works will be available for purchase.

For one-on-one meetings with the artists or private viewing please call 714-741-5432.

*Artist links show work currently in gallery’s inventory, not those that will be in the Arts in Focus show.


Arts In Focus

Don’t let a pandemic keep you from buying art!

From July 8th to August 8th Chemers Gallery will be hosting an exhibition featuring our favorite artists: Patricia Prescott Sueme, Nick Capaci, Jonde Northcutt, Greg Larock, Marie Tippets, Kim Vanderheok, and Janine Salzman with ceramicist Lilia Venier and jewelry designer Joanna Craft.

With the interest of keeping our artists, clients, and staff safe, we will be formatting this show differently than we’ve had in the past. While all the hanging art will be featured on the walls, as is our custom, we will be limiting the amount of people in the gallery for the Opening Reception and the duration of the show.

Phoning ahead will be a requirement.

Masks will be mandatory for ALL. 

On [insert date] we will have our Opening Reception. To limit the number of people in the gallery at any given time, we will be assigning time slots based on appointments.  Each will only have a time limit for browsing the art. We have decided to format our reception in this way to let as many people see the art as they can and to control the amount of traffic in the gallery.  

Time slots will be limited.

All art featured at Chemers Gallery during this time will be available for browsing & purchase online. We will be creating a separate browsing engine for this show for easy navigation. 

Hidden Stories Behind the Frame

A keepsake passed from generation to generation tells the story of a family. When we behold such a sentimental object it becomes a powerful force of beauty for it has the power to connect us in ways we may not expect. If we’re lucky when we hold it ….time itself… seems to evaporate for a moment or two as we glimpse both the past and the present and the interconnectedness of us all.

According to Georgina Davila, “We live through the memories of things.”  She is the third civil   engineer in her family to cherish the family’s heirloom measuring tape that has traveled around the globe through family milestones. Built in the 1920’s the measuring tape is imprinted, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina. (See photo). Her Uncle Hugo received it upon graduation from engineering school in Argentina. Family legend has it that when Georgina’s father, Emillo prepared to immigrate to the United States, Hugo bestowed it upon him saying, “You will need it in the new world to do engineering and construction.” In turn, Georgina received it when she graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from California State University of Fullerton in 1993.

So how has this the “tape” measured in the United States for Georgina’s family? Technically it is in the metric system and when Georgina Davilla’s father, Emillo began life in America in 1968 he soon found the American measuring system to be quick different. Her father learned English over time and installed drywall first as a craftsman then later as a business owner. All the while, he played music at night. That’s how it measures…it tells a family’s story. Georgina shared, “My Dad played music with famous people…Quincy Jones….Santana… and the Downey Symphony in the 1960s and 1970s.” Oh the stories….like the measuring tape itself, it measures….a good life.

When Georgina took the measuring tape and its 100-year old carrying case to Chemers Gallery she wanted it preserved for generations, a reminder of the ties connecting a long line of engineers.  She said, “Karen made it beautiful…and when I see it now. I see my Dad.”  Karen noted, “When we frame family heirlooms for our clients, memories and emotions surface as we unwrap their treasures.”

What do you have hiding in your closets and drawers that deserve to be seen

Arts in Focus

Mark your calendars & stay tuned for more information!

New Art April & May 2020

Click the artist’s names or images below to see more of their work.


Naomi ShacharTraditional oil paintings


Elaine Hyde 

Handturned Glass

Houston Llew


Lilia Venier

Porcelain & Ceramics


 Michelene Berkey

Sterling Silver with gemstones

Joanna Craft

Mixed Metals & semi-precious gemstones

Calling All Artists: The HeART of Orange County All Media Juried Art Exhibition

EXTRA! EXTRA! The heArt of Orange County All Media 2020 Juried Art Exhibition has a new submission deadline. Entries accepted through May 3rd!

All you Orange County creatives! It’s time to submit your masterpieces to our upcoming juried exhibition, The heART of Orange County All Media 2020, presented collaboratively with Tustin Area Council for Fine Arts (TACFA). Your deadline is now MAY 3rd and that will be here before you know it! Click here to enter!

You know us, we like to mix it up! Diversity makes an interesting exhibit, so the subject matter is up to you! Our only requirement is that you live or work in Orange County. That means you can submit artwork in any STYLE, any SUBJECT and any MEDIUM to showcase your talents!

Submit your best work – nearly anything goes: abstract, acrylic, botanical, ceramic, contemporary craft, drawing, fiber/textile, figurative, floral, glass, jewelry, landscape, mixed media, metal, oil, pastel, photography, printmaking, still life, watercolor, wood and more.

We’re pleased to announce that our juror will be the award-winning fine artist, Naomi Shachar.

So… you know the focus on your creativity. You know who our amazing juror will be. You know when the submission deadline is (hint hint… it’s MAY 3RD!). But, did you also know that there will be at least $1600 in CASH AWARDS announced at the opening reception on June 27th? It’s true! Prizes will be awarded in three categories: Traditional, Contemporary, and Contemporary Craft. Could yours be one of the names announced?

We need YOUR help in spreading the word. Be sure to share the call to artists with all your artistic friends and any arts organizations you belong to. And lastly, HAVE FUN! The more creative you are, the better your chances are of being selected for exhibiting and for winning one of those cash awards.

Once More, your submission deadline in May 3rd!
Click this link to for full show details and to submit your work.

New Art February 2020

Look for more recent New Art in our next E-mail Blast!

Click the artist’s names or images below to see more of their work.


Nick Capaci
Mixed media abstract

Dave Chapple
California landscape oil paintings
Naomi ShacharTraditional oil paintings

Patricia Prescott SuemeTraditional pastel

 Geoffrey KruegerCalifornia coastal paintings  


Houston LlewSpiritiles Seeka Mezuzah Marie Counts
Fanciful ceramics


 Michelene Berkey Sterling Silver with gemstones

 Ayala BarIsraeli jewelry designer


New Year, New Art!

Click the artist’s names or images below to see more of their work!


 Lorraine Bubar

Paper-cut compositions

Kristina Swarner

One-of-a-kind woodblock illustrations

Kim Vanderhoek

Contemporary oil paintings


Maria Counts

Expressive ceramics

Deana Deeds

Hand-woven scarves & shawls

Mary Hammond

Fine ribbon and fabric textiles

 Houston Llew 

Valentine’s Spiritile

 Jennie Milner

Mixed media wall sculpture

Maruca Designs

100% American-made handbags & accessories


Michelene Berkey 

Nature-inspired gold & sterling silver, precious & semi-precious gems

 Krista Bermeo

Contemporary hand-torched glass

 Joanna Craft

Geometric designs with natural stones and copper/enamel

Kirsten Denbow

Enamel & semi-precious stones

 Ayala Bar

New 2020 releases!
Israeli Jewelry Designer

Monique Selwitz
Sterling Silver with precious and semi-precious stones 

 Janet Seward

Around-the-world beads, charms, coins & stones

New Art November 2019

Click the artist’s names or images below to see more of their work!


Gregory Sabin 

mixed media on paper

 Patricia Prescott Sueme


Kara Bullock

oil painting on canvas


Kenny Smith

Unique ceramic vases and bowls

Bill Haskel

Hand-turned wood vases and bowls

Jonathan Weaver

New! Wood artist specializing in
rough edge hand-turned bowls

Houston Llew

Copper and enamel Spiritiles
with famous quotes


Joanna Craft

Geometric designs with natural stones and copper/enamel

 Eva Stone

Silver and gold necklaces and rings
with gemstones

Monique Selwitz

Silver jewelry with precious and
semi-precious stones